Los-Nr. 64 | A278

0064-Florian Depenthal, „Updraft“, großformatiges Ölgemälde, Saatchi Art

€ 650
Florian Depenthal, *1955 Karlsruhe, lebt und arbeitet in Miami, Chicago und Karlsruhe, Großformatige Farbflächenkomposition „Aufwind“, Öl/ Lw., 180 x 200 cm, r.u. sign. u. dat. 1993, verso bez., sign. u. dat. With Saatchi Art at: Art Miami, USA - Art Chicago, USA - Art Cologne, Germany - Art Frankfurt, Germany - Art Strasbourg, France - Art Paris, France - Art Zurich, Swiss - Art Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates “Abstract Painter in the tradition of the royal discipline, with knowledge of the contemporary art scene and art history. Challenge: to make paintings that are alive and breathing, and present to the immediate viewer. Not repetitive, and experienced as something which manifests the today. 1989 established a studio in Chicago to present, as well as permanent studios in Karlsruhe, Germany, and since 1999 in Miami, Florida”. Exhibitions: Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami - Oskar Friedl Gallery, Chicago - Paul Klein Gallery, Chicago - Frank Pages Art Galerie, Baden-Baden - Galerie 48, Saarbrücken, Germany - Galerie Ursel Steinacker, Koblenz, Germany - Michael Lord Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Sandra Higgins Fine Art – London - Cultural Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Goethe-Institut, Chicago - Columbia College Art Gallery, Chicago -Salon de Montrouge, Paris - Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany