Preliminary report 288th sale

288th Sale – May 28, 2021

Modern art from a Mayence company collection & a significant button collection

K&K – Auctions in Heidelberg is offering as part of the 288th auction on May 28, 2021 numerous works of art from a large company collection in Mayence. A large 64-part wall installation made of transparent filter foils in four colors by Nikolaus Koliusis, *1953 Salzburg, with the title “Simulations” from 2001 stands out. The foil works, the material of which comes from the field of photography, are designed as folded spaces by the artist. The installation was shown at a representative location in the company’s foyer. The installation is valued at € 50.000-60.000 and starts with a reserve price of € 6.400.  Regine Schumann, *1961 Goslar, an artist famous for her light installations, created the large knot made of colored “plastilight” strings “Day and Night” from 1997. The wall object, fluorescent in black light, measures 80 x 540 cm and enlivened the company’s entrance area with its colors. This unique item is valued at € 20.000-22.000 and has a reserve price of € 2.800.

Twelve silver plates designed by Max Ernst, 1891-1976, come from the Marinotti collection in Milan. The plates made of 925 silver show stylized, mythological representations including “Bain de Diane”, “Cleopatra” and “Katchina”. The 6,419 g heavy relief plates start with a reserve price of € 3.500 and have an estimate of € 9.000-10.000.

In addition to porcelains (including musicians from the Meissner monkey band), silver, clocks, asiatica, fine oriental carpets, antiques, this time there is a significant collection with buttons, starting at about 1780 on offer, including a 12‑button set with views of Parisian architecture, colored etchings behind glass (estimate: € 2000-2200), seven buttons with antique themes in grisaille painting on ivory (estimate: € 1.500-2.000) or a rare five-button set with tavern scenes painted behind glass ( estimate: € 1.200-1.500), but also approx. 70 porcelain buttons Satsuma, Japan (estimate: € 1.200-1.800), all with a reserve price of € 20 and many more…