Preliminary report 293rd sale

293rd Sale- September 2-3, 2022

Dissolution of Museum Pachen, Part I & private estates from the Rhine-Neckar region

Art of the 18th-20th century from the Museum Pachen, Rockenhausen and private collections from the region are the focus of the 293rd auction at K&K Auctions in Heidelberg on September 2-3, 2022.

The art collection of the couple Heinz (1922-2006) and Hella Pachen (1928-2007), long exhibited in the “Museum Pachen – German Art of the 20th Century” in Rockenhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate, is now being auctioned in two consecutive auctions. The cornerstone of the collection was laid back in the 1950s in the GDR, where Heinz Pachen organized exhibitions and was an honorary museum director in Spremberg. After moving to Mainz, the collection continued to grow until the museum was established in 1997. Most recently, it included plastics, sculptures, paintings and graphics, alongside renowned masters of the 20th century. also less well-known artists with a special expression, a wide range from representational to abstract art. The current auction includes works by Elisabeth Ahnert, Otmar Alt, Horst Antes, Paul Bedra, Johannes Beutner, Arno Breker, Jo Brenneis, Kurt Bunge, Rolf Cavael, Emil Cimiotti, Otfried H. Culmann, Karl-Heinz Deutsch, Hanno Edelmann, Ralph Gorgis, Otto Herbert Hajek, Ortrud Heuser-Hickler, Hermann Hoomann, Alfred Hrdlicka, Willi Robert Huth, Bernd Kastenholz, Herbert Kitzel, Karl Heinz Krause, Alfred Kubin, Gerhard Marcks, Gert Mohler, Paul Müller-Kaempf, Willi Münch-Khe, Karlheinz Oswald, Ekkehart Panek, Hans Roosen, Reinhard Roy, Werner Schädlich (estate), Jochen Schimmelpenning, Dieter van Slooten, Albert Wigand, Axel-Alexander Ziese, including numerous large bronze sculptures and entire estates. The estimated prices are between € 200-12.000, the reserve price for all objects is € 20.

Modern works by Elvira Bach, Bernd Berner, Lynn Chadwick, Johannes Gervé, Keith Haring, Gustav Jagerspacher, Raimer Jochims, Paul M. Kästner, Fritz Köthe, Nikolaus Koliusis, Markus Lüpertz, Vangel Naumowski, Mel Ramos, come from bequests in the region just to name a few.

The old fine arts include the portrait of Emperor Joseph II, a gouache about 1770/80 (estimate: € 1.600-1.800 / reserve: € 450), Friedrich Anton Kilp’s horses on a summer meadow in oil (estimate: € 1800-2000 / Reserve: € 650, the portrait of a lady holding a dove, attributed to Johann Heinrich I Tischbein, oil painting c. 1760/70 (estimate: € 3.500-4.000/ Reserve: € 850), attributed to François de Troy Half-portrait of Louise Françoise de Bourbon around 1685 (estimate: € 10.000-12.000 / reserve: € 2.800), the sailing boats in oil by Michal Gorstkin Wywiórski around 1900 (estimate: € 2.200-2.500 / reserve: € 500) and three drawings by Heinrich Zille (estimate: € 1.800-2.000 / reserve: € 400) Old master graphics, partly in large bundles by Dürer, Rembrandt, Ridinger, Thoma and others should also be mentioned again at a starting price of € 20 attract many collectors. There are also numerous Russian icons, including outstanding pieces: Our Lady Feodorovskaya, Our Lady of Kazan kaja, both with silver oklad from around 1850 (estimate: € 1.200-1.400 / reserves: € 350) and two of the Blessed Mother “Joy of All Sufferers” from the early 19th century (estimate: € 800-1.000 / Reserve each: € 150).

This time, the showcases shine with lots of silver from a business liquidation several years ago, including extensive cutlery, coffee and tea cores, decorative bowls, candlesticks and various table silver, including an Art Deco tea caddy, Wiwen Nilsson, Lund. Sweden c. 1925 (estimate: € 500-700 / reserve: € 350) an Art Déco centerpiece with an elephant shaped foot, Koch & Bergfeld, Bremen c. 1935 (estimate: € 400-600 / reserve: € 250). In the porcelain section, the Meissen sculptures by Otto Pilz and Paul Scheurich are worth mentioning, including a “Lady with a Moor Boy” (estimate: € 3.000-3.500 / reserve: € 900), a chocolate pot from around 1750, various coffee and mocha sets, fine bowls, but also rare items like a fat/lean gravy boat.

The Asian art section also features rare pieces from an old German collection: a pair of Chinese blue-and-white bottle vases and a large blue-and-white food pot with a lid, both from the Kangxi period around 1700 (estimate: € 3.000-3.500/reserve: € 900 and estimate: € 1.200-1.500 / reserve: € 450), a porcelain vase in the shape of a Hu from the Qing period (estimate: € 1.800-2.000 / reserve: € 600), a Tianqiuping vase with apple-green glaze (estimate: € 1.200-1.500 / reserve: € 350) or the two-part calligraphy set with “Robin’s egg” glaze (estimate: € 900-1.000 / reserve: € 300).

No auction should be without luxury objects: for men, there might be the watch Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant Chronometer (estimate: € 3.500-4.000 / reserve: € 1.500), the Ulysse Nardin Automatic Chronometer (estimate: € 3.500-4.000 / reserve: € 700) or the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust (estimate: € 2.000-2.500 / reserve: € 1.200) in question, for the lady something from the jewelry range… A few highlights included: the large platinum Art Déco diamond brooch from around 1920 (estimate: € 9.000-10.000 / reserve: € 2.500), a fine diamond ring with a total of 1.20 ct (estimate: € 2.000-2.500 / reserve: € 380), a rare pendant made of “lavender jade” with diamonds (estimate: € 250-350 / reserve: € 90) or a designer necklace with South Sea pearls from around 1970/80 (estimate : € 1.100-1.200 / reserve: € 900).

In addition, there are toys, some musical instruments, including a new cello “Ideale VC2” from GEWA, an alto saxophone YAS-275 from Yamaha, a Celtic harp from Manfred Gosewinkel, Überlingen, also a Styrian harmonica from the Kärntnerland, Austria by Schwarz ( estimate: € 1.500-2.000 / reserve: € 450). Finally, something for football fans: an original T-shirt worn by the “Bomber of the Nation” Gerd Müller with an autograph card (estimate: € 800-1000 / reserve: € 150).