Preliminay report 299th sale

299th Sale- July 12/13, 2024

Art collection of a large Mannheim automation company, Part III, gallery and collection estates from southern Germany

The main focus of the summer sale on 12/13. July 2024 once again lies on modern art, including the last part of the collection of a large Mannheim automation company as well as gallery and private collections, as well as Asian art, antiques, porcelain, glass, jewelry, historical items and much more.

Highlights of modern art include four bronze sculptures and a sculpture by Ute Appelt-Lillack, including a larger-than-life female nude (estimate: € 4000-4500 / reserve price: € 800), Erich Heckel’s “Head of the Killed Man”, a hand-printed woodcut from 1917 (estimate: € 1,600-2,000 / reserve price: € 20), over 40 works by Horst Janssen, watercolors and etchings from 1958 to 1991 (estimates: € 200-2,000 / reserve prices: € 20-390), the acrylic wall object “Beugung” by Raimer Jochims, dated 1981/82/90 (estimate: € 2200-2500 / reserve price: € 750), another outstanding acrylic portrait “Constanze” by Imi Knoebel from 1991 (estimate: € 30,000-40,000 / reserve price: € 9,000), the large acrylic painting by Fritz Köthe “Häkkinen” from 1999 (estimate: € 6,000-7,000 / reserve price: € 2,500) , three works by Heinz Mack including the wing object “Sift closed: Wings in Heaven”, 1966 (estimate: € 8000-12000 / reserve price: € 2500), the large-format C-print “Traci Lords smoking a cigarette in the ‘Valentino Room’ of the Alexandria Hotel, April Los Angeles” by Bettina Rheims, 1994 (estimate: € 9,000-10,000 / reserve price: € 1,500), James Rosenquist’s “Brasil”, a color pigment print from 2013 on the occasion of the World Cup in Brazil 2014 (estimate: € 3000-4000 / reserve price: € 20), as well as the study attributed to Tom Wesselmann for the “Great American Nude 95”, mixed media from 1967 (estimate: € 7000-9000 / reserve price: € 900), to name just a few.

Up for auction in the section old fine arts is, among other things, a large Flemish floral still life from the 17th century by J.H. ter Brugge (estimate: € 3000-3500 / reserve price: € 800), a fine drawing from the 16th century. “Uomo reprobo” (The Bad Man) from Michelangelo’s circle with prominent previous owners and documents from the 1940s/50s (estimate: € 1,800-2,000 / reserve price: € 450) and two large format still lives with flowers by Anna Peters, both unrestored storage finds (taxes: € 1000-1500 / reserve prices: € 280).

In addition to Chinese porcelain and Tibetan sacred art, the rich offering of non-European art also includes some beautiful Thai Buddha figures, including a 153 cm large temple bronze of the Buddha “pacifying the ocean” (estimate: € 2000-2500 / reserve price: € 600).

For collectors of old maps, we recommend  taking a look at the antiquarian section, which contains over 30 items with rare copper engraved maps from the 16th to 18th centuries come from all continents, with a reserve price of € 20. For coin collectors, on the other hand, there is an extraordinary collection of ancient and Islamic coins from the Near East from the 2nd century BC. mentioned until the early 20th century, including the Artukids, Zengids, Rum Seljuks and Ottomans.

When it comes to porcelain, we highlight cups, jugs and services from the 18th century, the Empire and early 19th century. The large porcelain sculpture Lucky Dragon “Good Times” (The Mockery) by Hugo Meisel for the oldest Volkstedt porcelain factory, Rudolstadt from 1921 (estimate: € 15,000-20,000 / reserve price: € 5,000) can be described as a rarity; furthermore, there are extensive services from Meißen with a blue and black dragon, among others, from KPM, the famous service “Urbino” designed by Trude Petri in 1931/32, 104 pieces (estimate: € 3500-4500 / reserve price: € 500 ) and five pieces from the “Flora Danica” series from Royal Copenhagen (estimate: € 3000-3500 / reserve price: € 900) and much more on offer.

Aficionados of Art Nouveau glass is also catered for: mention should be made of the “Cytisus” vase by Loetz (€ 1200-1500 / reserve price: € 400) and the large cameo vase with an Alpine landscape “Paysage alpin” by Gallé (estimate: € 1200-1500 / reserve price: € 400). In addition to old silver, watches, medals, old weapons, tin from the 17th-19th centuries. Century, collector’s jugs include beautiful jewelry, this time with modern jewelry from Bulgari, Pomellato, Tamara Comolli and others, as well as high-quality wristwatches.