284th Preliminary report

Estate of Mr. von Stoll zu Wespach & Fine Arts of the 20th century from gallery dissolution

The 284th Sale on Friday, June 19th at K&K Auctions in Heidelberg stands out with a diverse offer of porcelains, glass, silver ware and weapons from several estates, most of all from the estate of Richard-Erich von Stoll zu Wespach.
There are manifold porcelain figures, candle sticks, vases, decorative porcelains and services of the 18th-20th centuries by Meißen, Nymphenburg, KPM, Vincennes, Sèvres, Wien, Herend, Royal Copenhagen, also Sitzendorf, Volkstedt, Doccia et al. Among others a pair of liddes vases, probably Vincennes, 18th cent. (estimate: € 2500-3000,-/ reserve price: € 550,-), a pair of candelabra with putti representing the four seasons by Meißen, 1860-1900 (estimate: € 3500-4500,-/ reserve price: € 800,-) and a large plate showing “Godfrey von Bouillon with the Lords” in Old Vienna style about 1900 (estimate: € 1200-1500,-/ reserve price: € 450,-). Among the old silver pieces a large hot water kettle on a rechaud by William & Patrick Cunningham, Edinburgh, 1813 (estimate: € 1800-2200,-/ reserve price: € 1100,-) and a glass carafe with silver decoration by the royal silversmith Carl Friedrich Heisler, Mannheim about 1890/ 1900 (estimate: € 300-400,-/ reserve price: € 90,-) should be mentioned.
A gallery dissolution and several private collections yielded fine arts of the 17th to 20th centuries which include many prominent names. To name a few: Karel Appel, head, acrylic, dating 1976 (estimate: € 5000-7000,-/ reserve price: € 1900,-), a river landscape with shepherds painted in oil by Albert Cuyp or his workshop or circle, 17th cent. (estimate € 5000-6000,-/ reserve

price: € 750,-), two bronze sculptures by Giuliano Pedretti, a woman’s head dating 1970 and a galopping horse dating 1971 (estimates: € 2500-5000,-/ reserve prices: € 600,-/ € 900,-), Pablo Picasso, “Le Clown et l’Harlequin”, signed color-lithograph (estimate: € 7000-8000,-/ reserve price: € 1900,-), also a terracotta head by Wilhelm Loth about 1950 which he gave his teacher, the sculptor Fritz Schwarzbeck at the Art School in Darmstadt for his 80th birthday in 1982 (estimate: € 2200,-/ reserve price: € 750,-). There is another little highlight to be mentioned: the art album of Miss Laura Morris starting in 1839 filled with 40 about 70 graphical works, some colored by hand, including Rembrandt’s etching “Abraham Francen” about 1656/60 (B.273., condition VIII) (estimate € 2800-3000,- / reserve price € 450,-).

Collectors of photography will be delighted to see several black and white prints by Toni Schneiders with shots from Yugoslavia, tidal flats, the sea at al. 1950-1965 (estimates: € 700-1700,-/ reserve prices: € 20,-). This is true for collectors of clocks and watches too: there are many mantel clocks, cartel clocks, a rare small Black Forest wall clocks of the mid 19th cent. (estimate: € 500-600,-/ reserve price: € 150,-) and a large number of pocket watches on the sale.
In the furniture section we can offer an extentable Biedermeier table with 6 chairs and a mirror (1st half of the 19th cent.) (estimates: € 250-700,-/ reserve prices: € 70-250,-), an nine-piece mahagony Secession living room ensemble dating about 1910/15, including a table, 3 chairs, a cabinet, a chess of drawers and bookcases (estimate: 3000-3500,-/ reserve price: € 900,-), also a Secession writing table by Julius Groschkus, Berlin about 1910/15 (estimate: € 600-800,-/ reserve price: € 190,-).
Always good in times of trouble: a heavy iron chest, so called war chest from 17th cent. Nurnberg (estimate: € 1500-2000,-/ reserve price: € 500,-)- to fill it, we would suggest gold coins and jewellery of which weh ave plenty on the sale! To protect the chest, you can get a good old pistol like the beautiful one, probably Flamisch about 1700 with Baroque ornaments and mascarons (estimate: 1000-1200,-/ reserve price: € 350,-) or an old sword from the large collection of stabbing weapons…

Sale is on June 19th, 2020. The catalogue will be online on May 29th, 2020 (www.auktionen-in-heidelberg.de). The preview will be from June 13 -18, 2020, following the measures of the government for Covid19 at that point of time.

Inqueries to:
Dr. Yasemin Tuna-Nörling
K&K Auktionen in Heidelberg
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