Preliminary report 294th sale

294th Sale – November 18./19, 2022

Dissolution of Museum Pachen, Part II, Mannheim gallery legacy and art collection of a Wiesbaden bank

Art of the 20th century from the Museum Pachen, Rockenhausen, from two closed galleries in Mannheim and Baden-Baden, from the collection of a bank and regional private collections is the focus of the 294th auction at K&K Auctions in Heidelberg on November 18th & 19th, 2022 .
The art collection of the couple Heinz (1922-2006) and Hella Pachen (1928-2007), exhibited for a long time in the “Museum Pachen – German Art of the 20th Century” in Rockenhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate, will be auctioned in two consecutive auctions; Part I was already successfully sold on September 2nd/3rd, 2022.

The cornerstone of the collection was laid in the 1950s in the GDR, where Heinz Pachen organized exhibitions and was an honorary museum director in Spremberg. After moving to Mainz, the collection continued to grow until the museum was established in 1997. Most recently, it included plastics, sculptures, paintings and graphics, alongside renowned masters of the 20th century, also, less well-known artists with a special expression, a wide range from representational to abstract and concrete art.

In the current auction, works by Elisabeth Ahnert, Bernd Altenstein, Bele Bachem, Johannes Beutner, Arno Breker, Jo Kurt Bunge, Emil Cimiotti, Karl-Heinz Deutsch, Thomas Duttenhoefer, Hanno Edelmann, Horst Hahn, Ortrud Heuser-Hickler are up for auction , Willi Robert Huth, Ursula Inseleit, Paul Juckoff-Skopau, Bernd Kastenholz, Herbert Kitzel, Karl Heinz Krause, Hans Kuhn, Gerhard Lichtenfeld, Eberhard Linke, Wilhelm Loth, Karlheinz Oswald, Max Pechstein, Reinhard Roy, Werner Schädlich, Jochen Schimmelpenning, Helmut Schmidt-Kirstein and Albert Wigand, as well as numerous bronze sculptures. The starting price for all objects is € 20.

Also up for auction in the modern art section is a pencil drawing with a singing nude by Max Ackermann (estimate: € 800-1200 / reserve: € 180), an angular bronze head by Franz Bernhard (estimate: € 1200-1400 / Reserve: € 400), Michael Croissant’s head in bronze from 1983 (estimate: € 3000-3500 / reserve: € 1200), Christa Dichgans’ “New York II” in oil from 1981 (estimate: € 5000-8000 / reserve: € 700), an extensive, important Art brut collection estate with 182 ink drawings by Madge Gill, among others, from the 1930s/40s (estimate: € 37000-40000 / reserve: € 9000), Alfred Hrdlicka’s bronze sculpture “Striptease triste” from 1975 (estimate: € 1800-2000 / reserve: € 600), Hans-Michael Kissel’s kinetic object “Mobile Moguntinum”, the model of the Mainz Council (estimate: € 1500-2000 / reserve: € 300), the “small injured head” in bronze by Rainer Kriester (estimate: € 1000-1200 / reserve: € 400), 2x Markus Lüpertz , “Apollo”, color etching, one of them hand-colored (estimate: € 1800-2000 / reserve: € 20) and 2x Cornelia Schleime, “Hawaii Diary” with an original drawing of a dancer (estimate: € 900-1200 / reserve: € 190) and many more.

The art collection of a bank in Wiesbaden focused primarily on Städel students, including Bernhard Härtter with a lacquer painting “Working Class” from 1995 and 19 glass plates with the same theme from a room installation in the foyer (estimate: € 15000-18000) , Caroline Krause with the acrylic painting Chair, 1999 (estimate: €1000-1200), Nikolaus List with two oil paintings, trees, 2002 (estimate: € 1000-1500), Michael Reiter with four fabric paintings/installations by 1995 (estimate: € 4000-5000) and much more, all with a reserve price of € 20.

In addition to the art, there are also porcelains, e.g. several services from Meissen and KPM, the porcelain group Drunken Man with Family, Gardner Manufactory, Verbilki, Russia around 1870/90 (estimate: € 900-1200 / reserve: € 300), Silver, clocks, including a silver verge pocket watch with repeater and alarm by Joh. Hohorst, Leipzig with owner’s engraving James Abercrombie 1770 (estimate: € 3000-3500 / reserve: € 900) and some interesting clocks such as an impressive French Boulle clock with console of the 18th/19th centuries (estimate: € 2000-2500 / reserve: € 700) and a portal clock of the Empire, France (estimate: € 500-600 / reserve: € 150), gold and silver coins, old books as well as collectibles such as a 14kt gold spectacle frame from American Optical from the 1960s (estimate: € 1000-1200 / reserve: € 600), a pair of large candelabra of the Empire (estimate: € 2500-3000 / Reserve: € 800) or the large collection of seal and medal casts (approx. 300-400 pieces) from the estate of the scholar Friedrich Christian Habel, Miltenberg (estimate: € 1000-2000 / reserve: € 20) on offer.

In the Asian Art section, an extensive collection of antique Tibetan, Nepalese and Chinese bronze art is being called up, including numerous Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and ritual objects, including a Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin), cast iron in the Ming style, China, probably 18th century (estimate: € 3000-3500 / reserve: € 900) and the wrathful appearance of Mahakala, bronze sculpture, Tibet, 18th century (estimate: € 1500-2000 / reserve: € 500), as well as a spectacular leporello album around 1900 with 188 Japanese color woodcuts by Toyohara Kunichika and others (estimate: € 6000-8000 / reserve: € 2000).