Preliminary report 281th sale

281th Sale – November 8, 2019

Dissolution of the private collection Blanka Heinecke – märz gallery mannheim, artist’s estate Armin Guther, and old fine arts from a private collection

One highlight of the 28th Sake on Friday, November 8 at K&K Auctions in Heidelberg is a portrait of 12 year old Louise Françoise de Bourbon, the first daughter and third child of the Sun King Louis XIV. on the occasion of her wedding in 1685. The painting is attributed to François de Troy, 1645 Toulouse – 1730 Paris and is a significant rediscovery with for French history. This beautifully framed oil on canvas of the late 17th century had secondarily been identified as „madame la duchesse la jeune faites par Pesne“ and erroneously attributed to Antoine Pesne, though the name was correct since she had received the title „Madame la Duchesse“ after her marriage with Louis de Bourbon. The portrait showing a young lady with „Coiffure à la fontagne“ is very similar to the one in the Barcelona Museu nacional d`art de Catalunya depicting Louise Françoise de Bourbon when she was 18 years old („Mademoiselle de Nantes“) by François de Troy. Not only the physiognomic resemblance, also many stylistic details like the way the eyes are painted make the attribution to François de Troy most probable. This means the painting could be the official wedding portrait of the young royalty for the Versailles Court (estimate: € 12.000-14.000,- / reserve price: € 4.800,-).

The large wooden sculpture of Saint Barbara about 1510, probably Franconian from circle of the Master of the Nurnberg Madonna is definitely a second highlight. The martyr, helper for those in need, known as the patron saint of armourers, artillerymen and military engineers, is depicted standing with sword and chalice wearing clothes in late medieval style and a turban-like headgear, was probably part of an altar shrine,  H 104 cm (estimate: € 6.500-7.000,- / reserve price: € 2.400,-). Also quite impressive is the large wooden sculpture of a enthroned bishop holding a book and chalice attributed to Hans Seyfer (1460 Sinsheim – 1509 Heilbronn) about 1550. (estimate: € 15.000-16.000,- / reserve price: € 5.000,-).

To be dated much later but taking reference to this age is a tazza by Francesco Toso Borella for Salviati & Co., Murano about 1880/90 showing wedding trains in Renaissance style like they used to depict them on the „Barovier wedding chalices“ (estimate: € 800-900,- / reserve price: € 250,-).

One main focus of the sale is the private collection of Blanka Heinecke, the late owner of the märz galerie mannheim which was an important contact point for collectors of constructive, concrete and conceptual art, including works by Karl Fred Dahmen, Jean-François Dubreuil, Rita Ernst, Wolf Heinecke, Edda Jachens, Françoise Malaprade, Adalberto Mecarelli, Mehdi Moutashar, Yves Popet, Gert Riel, Rita Rohlfing, Sigurd Rompza, Bernhard Striebel, Günther Walter, Guido Wiederkehr, Marylin Willis et al.

In the section of Classical Modern Art and Modern Art artists like Max Bill, Lovis Corinth, Adolf Fleischmann, Richard Hamilton, Robert Indiana with „Love“ from 1996 (estimate: € 1.200-1.400,- / reserve price: € 20,-), Ida Kerkovius, Paul Klee „le damier“ from 1927 (estimate: € 500-600,- / reserve price: € 20,-), Richard Paul Lohse, Almir Mavignier, Mel Ramos 2 x, Jarle Rosseland, Diter Rot „Düsseldorf“ (estimate: € 2.800-3.000,- / reserve price: € 20,-), Salomé, two bronze sculptures by Erwin A. Schinzel (estimates: € 800-1.000,- / reserve prices: € 250,-/350,-), Bernhard Schulze, Kumi Sugai (estimate: € 1.800-2.000,- / reserve price: € 450,-), Victor Vasarely, Paul Wunderlich are represented.

Complete artists estates are just thrilling: this time it is the estate of Armin Guther, a Heidelberg based sculptor, 1931 Oberndorf am Neckar – 2017 Heidelberg, with more than 100 stone, bronze and clay sculptures, including female nudes, portraits et al and his graphical works. Guther was a student of Prof. Theo Siegle, HD, of Heinrich Kirchner, Marcello Mascherini and Corneille at the Academy in Salzburg, master student in the class of abstract painting and member of the Association of Baden-Württemberg Forming Artists.

Some protruding pieces of Asian art come from the estate of a renowned German sinologist: Three drawings in Indian ink by the Chinese artist Qi Baishi (1864–1957) that were kept for many decades in the family. And there are again many collectables in the sale: old porcelains, (Meissen, Frankenthal, Ludwigsburg et al), African art, toys (large collection of steam engines, military toys, Elastolin figures wooden figures from the Ore Mountains), also design furniture of the Sixties and many more…

Sale is on November 8th, 2019. The catalogue will be online on October 19th, 2019. The preview will be from November 2 – 9, 2019.