282nd Preliminary Report

Dissolution of an important collection of Comics
German, French, Italian and American comics from 1930ies onwards

The 282nd Special-Sale with Comics at K&K Auctions in Heidelberg on February 7, 2020 presents the first part of one of the largest private collection of comics in Germany including the earliest German comics and novels starting in the 1930ies. The reserve price of all lots is € 20.

One highlight is a rare Swiss poster for a special edition of Mickey Mouse no. 33 titled „Donald Duck and the Christmas trees“ from 1955. The lithograph shows Walt Disney’s Donald Duck trimmed like a Christmas tree with the family and presents. (Lot 0473: estimate € 3.000-4.000,- / reserve price € 20,-).

Also quite a rarity is a special edition of „abz – Aktuelle Bilder Zeitung“ about the Walt Disney’s movie „Bambi“ dating 1951. This four paged newspaper was edited by the movie theatre „Die Kurbel“ in Karlsruhe (Lot 0474: estimate € 3.000-4.000,- / reserve price € 20,-).

Among the German comics are many well known ones like Micky Maus (Ehapa), Die Spinne (Marvel/Williams), Superman, Fix und Foxi, Wundergirl (Ehapa), also Tom Prox (UTA), Korak (Williams), also rare ones published by like Sigurd, Tibor, Roy Stark, Lancelot, Jan Maat ,  Akim, Winnetou Falk and many more. There are quite e few in “Piccolo” size: Sigurd, Silberpfeil, Tibor, Hondo, Tom, Carotin, Micki, Falk, Pit & Alf, Rikko, Carnera, Akim, Blitz, Nick, Silver Jack, Fulcor.

A bulk of the collection are American comics, including Marvel Comics like X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Captain America, The incredible Huld, Wolverine, Ironman, Doom, Deathlok, X-Factor, Marvel Knights, Double Dragon, Ghost Rider, Cage, X Universe and many more. There are also many other US comics like Kitchen Sink Comics, Topp Comics, Epic Comics, Imact Comics, Chaos! Comics et al.

When it comes to French comics “Les Aventures de Tintin” are a must! There are also many copies of Asterix, Lucky Luke, Spirou, Pumby, Akim Kiko, Ames Vaillantes, Cœurs Vaillants, Pifou, Friponnet, Pierrot… Not to forget early issues of Le Journal de Mickey of the 1930ies. (Lot 0475: estimate € 80-100,- / reserve price € 20,-). There are some Italian comicbooks and paperbacks like Cami Nista, Storie Blu, Sukia, Attualita Flash, Inubi, Fox, De Sade, Ltretomba, Topolino, Almanacco Topolino, Pattuglia Eroica et al.

There are also German novels and paperbacks that are rare to find: Billy Jenkins and  the Western novels of Tom Prox, also Jörn Farrow’s submarine adventures and the adventures of Rolf Torring.