About us

Our philosophy

K&K Auctions in Heidelberg was founded in 1986 as “Kunst und Kuriosa”. At the very outset we employed top quality academic team of art historians and experts and this approach continues to provide the foundation for our business, meeting the needs of the increasingly global art market, enabling us to provide a good service.

Kunst und Kuriosa is well known among collectors and dealers. The name stands for a non-intimidating atmosphere, expert counselling and highly professional business practice.

Whether you wish to sell a single piece or a whole collection you have made the right choice if you come to us. As far as purchasers are concerned, we regard the collection and preservation of historic items as a means of satisfying a desire for objects of beauty and as an investment in a sustainable lifestyle.

We hold four to five auctions a year at our sale-room in Heidelberg. Items in forthcoming auctions are listed and illustrated in our web-site catalogue and at auction portals at least three weeks in advance. Through this exposure we have built a reputation for quality and reliability in national and international art markets. We are keenly aware of price trends policy and are able to appeal to both consignors and purchasers.

In addition to providing at our auction house an innovative setting for the collections and items entrusted to our care, we can offer opportunities for buyers and sellers to trade in an attractive range of art and antiques held in private properties.