285th Preliminary report

285th Sale – September 18, 2020

Estate of a Collector from Seeshaupt on the Starnberg Lake

Besides a large variety of Comtemporary and Old Fine Arts, K&K Auctions offers in it‘s 285th Sale on September 18th a spectacular collection of a man whose main focus was the Near East, Asia, but also other regions. The collection includes hundreds of antique rugs and woven fabrics, mostly from Turkey, Persia and Central Asia, also African and Indonesian tribal arts, Papua New Guinean masks, fine Chinese, and Japanese pottery, snuffbottles as well as Inuit sculptures. One highlight is a large blue-white porcelain vase (H 63,5 cm) about 1700 that was manufactured on order of the French nobility under the reign of emperor Kangxi. The gu form vase depicts noble ladies of the Baroque painted after French templates that were sent to all the way to China. An identical piece is displayed in the Musée Guimet in Paris (estimate: € 7000- 9000 / reserve price: € 2500).

The ink drawing on silk showing archers on horseback with the seal „Zhongmu“, a name of honor of the painter Zhao Yong, 1289- 1360, of the Yuan Period and the collectors seal „Tingmei“ might be interesting for collectors of Chinese paintings. The piece comes with a certificate of Yves Cosqueric (estimate: 4000-5000/ reserve price: € 1500).

The Starnberg Lake- Collection includes many Turkish kelims and sumaks from Aksaray, Konya, Obruk, Fethiye, Antep, also the Caucasus (estimates: € 1000-1500/ reserve prices: € 20), rugs, bags, tchovals, mafrash bags and tent paraphernalia of the 19th and early 20th century nomads of Iran and Central Asia, three seldom old Tibetan takyabs which were used to protect the pack animals (estimate: € 1200-1500/ reserve price: € 20) and also a beautiful 10th century Nishapur stoneware bowl (estimate: € 900-1200/ reserve price: € 300). Alongside an Indian daybed, Swat chests, Tibetan meditation images, Thangkas and travel shrines, we would like to emphasize nine Inuit serpentine sculptures by Kabubawakota Tunillie (estimate: € 900-1200/ reserve price: € 190), Paulassie Pootoogook (estimate: € 900-1200/ reserve price: € 190) et al.

Modern art is represented by many renown names in which this time Paul Wunderlich plays a major role with 68 graphical works, bronze statues, and reliefs. Graphics and artists books by Joseph Beuys, Abidin Elderoglu, Nissan Engel, Peter Fischli & David Weiß, Otto Herbert Hajek, Keith Haring, Friedensreich Hundertwasser (wood cut „Die Nachbarn I- Spiralsonne und Mondhaus“ (The neighbors I- spiral sun and moon house) estimate: € 2000-2500/ reserve price: € 20), Jasper Johns (“After Holbein” lithography (19)93, estimate: € 2000-2400/ Reserve price: € 20), Martin Kippenberger, Max Klinger, Oskar Kokoschka, Karl Korab, Roy Lichtenstein, Henri Matisse, A.R. Penck, Siegmar Polke, Mel Ramos, Bernhard Schultze, Katharina Sieverding, Antoni Tapies, Günther Uecker, Tomi Ungerer, Hannsjörg Voth as well as original works by Edward Allington, Gordon Anderson, Aldo Bonadei (still life, oil painting, estimate: € 2600-2800/ reserve price: € 500), Walter Heinrich (“Mr Kreuzmann”, large informal mixed media, estimate: € 1000-1200/ reserve price: € 290), Tim Johnson, Maurice Mendjisky (Selfportrait, oil painting, estimate: € 2600-2800/ reserve price: € 650), Prosper Münch, Lucas Suppin, Daniel Weil, Alexander Zlatkin, Beat Zoderer („Pflechtwerk” (Wickerwork), mixed media, 1995, estimate: € 3000-3500/ reserve price: € 450) are available at the sale.

The large wall sculpture “Neuf manières premières de fractionner un parallélogramme” by Antoine Graff, 1994 (estimate: 2400-2600/ reserve price: € 600), an iron sculpture by Robert Jacobsen (estimate: € 1800-2000 /reserve price: € 300) and a posthumous cast of the „Standing Bull“ by Elie Nadelman (estimate: € 4500-5000,-/ reserve price: € 900,-) are the highlights among modern sculptures. For those who love photography „Imposanter Sternenhimmel (Imposing starry skies)” “16h 30m/-50° (STE 5.01)“ by Thomas Ruff 1994 (estimate: € 1200-1400/ reserve price: € 20) is a must!

There are quite a few interesting pieces in Old Fine Arts: Franz Huth is represented with five fine watercolors and pastel drawings (estimates: € 250-900/ reserve prices: € 90-190). Edoardo Cortese’s „Golfo di Napoli“ (Gulf of Naples), an oil painting dating 1886 (estimate: € 1600-1800/ reserve price: € 280) and the large oil painting showing winterly entertainments on a frozen lake by Charles Leickert (estimate: € 8000-9000/ reserve price: € 1800) present highlights, but a look at the works of Milos Alexander Bazovsky, Eugen Bracht, Wilhelm Hempfing, Karl Hubbuch, Franta Frantisek Maly, Julius Wentscher the Elder is also worthwhile.

Not old but very elegant: a couch table with the “Flying horse of Gansu” by Maison Charles, Paris (estimate: € 2000-2500/ reserve price: € 450) and two armchairs and a footrest by Giorgetti, Italy (estimate: € 2000-2500/ reserve price: € 450).